Our main products is Fish, and in addition we are involved in selling and packaging of seafood products. Mediva Fishing subscribes to the vision of "excellence in food processing" and operates under HACCP compliance and EU Accreditation. Products also comply with NRSC and NSI regulations and standards.

  Horse Mackerel  

Mediva Fisheries is the proud Namibian home of Horse mackerel. Our product is Horse Mackerel (maasbanker) that we repackage and sell in small quantities of 1kg, 5kg and 10kg.

Our products prices are as follows per Kg VAT included:

Horse mackerel 25+ N$ 25.00

Some of our products. 

Horse mackerel 20M N$ 19.00
Horse mackerel 20+ N$ 20.00
Horse mackerel 18+ N$ 18.00
Horse mackerel 16+ N$ 16.00
Horse mackerel 16M N$ 14.00
Mackerel 25+ N$ 25.00
Hake N$ 21.00
2nd Grade N$ 10.00
Dentex N$ 25.00
Angel N$ 25.00
Calamari N$ 13.50
Snoek N$ 30.00
Gunard N$ 25.00
Ribbon N$ 7.00
Hake 2nd Grade N$ 11.00