At Mediva Fisheries, our main business is in marine fisheries specifically catching and distribution of horse mackerel to African markets since 1998. The strategic intent is to branch out into Aquaculture and take on Tilapia breeding and Abalone fish farming. Opportunities are investment in a mid- water freezer trawler and cooling facility.




To be a leader in catching, distribution and marketing of Namibian fish, and related products in the local and international markets. To be a preffered and reliable fishing company, that sustain the government's strategic plans of inclusivity, food security and employment creation.


  • » To accelerate the growth of fisheries industry and create employment.
  • » To increase fish consumption in local and international export market.
  • »  To Increasing local and international  direct investment.


Mediva Fisheries supports the Government Affirmative Action targets and objectives and will continue in its endeavors to meet the Namibianization policy criteria as indicated by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. Mediva Fisheries has upheld its competitive edge and has remained a 100% Namibian owned company to date, supporting the aspirations of its shareholders, the Government and its partners.